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The Billing System transformation programme at National Grid was severely hampered by mainframe test environment unavailability across multiple systems.

Dev & Test mainframe environments were already close to capacity, so mainframe modernisation initiatives required acquiring expensive new hardware. One mainframe modernisation proof of concept (using z/OS Connect to improve mainframe access) could not proceed without additional environments.

National Grid’s cloud-first policy fuelled the desire to:

  • create dev and test environments in the cloud
  • offer self-service
  • remove third-party dependency
  • improve agility with on-demand access
  • and reduce cost

The new self-service capability has transformed National Grid’s ability to deliver transformative change across billing systems. Using Delphix and PopUp Mainframe running on Azure, National Grid accelerated their projects. The company is now planning the next stage of their mainframe modernisation: spinning up new mainframe environments with the latest secured data using automation pipelines in minutes.

Delphix and PopUp on Azure empowered National Grid with autonomy over their mainframe systems and the ability to increase productivity. National Grid can now immediately innovate to solve business problems using ephemeral mainframe environments spun up on demand. They also plan to redevelop some of their legacy .NET processes using modern tooling.

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