Introduction to PopUp

Hear from a few of the PopStars giving an overview of PopUp – the what, why, how and who.

Using PopUp for Mainframe Training

PopUp provides a fantastic environment for training since there is zero risk to other users or the physical mainframe.

It also enables modern mainframe tooling to be used which increases productivity for people who are new to mainframe and experienced in mainframe alike, for example IDEs and automation tools.

PopUp’s ZD&T Delphix Connector

The Delphix ZD&T connector integrates IBM ZD&T instances with Delphix Continuous Data. It provides the capability to simply and reliably leverage data virtualisation and masking capabilities on the mainframe.

The connector is available as a standalone product from PopUp Mainframe. It can be used if you are already using ZD&T in your organisation without PopUp, but you want to have the functionality which Delphix Continuous Data provides for ZD&T.

What is the difference between PopUp and IBM ZD&T?

PopUp Mainframe is built on IBM ZD&T. This video explains the difference between ZD&T and PopUp, and how PopUp accelerates your adoption of virtual mainframe.

PopUp’s Mainframe Masking Plugin for Delphix

Masking sensitive data on the mainframe can be difficult. PopUp’s Mainframe Masking Plugin for Delphix augments Delphix Masking Engine capabilities to allow you to mask all mainframe datasources, including variable length files and IMS databases.

How to Import Resources from Source Control into PopUp

Make your PopUp look like your physical mainframe!

See how to import resources into your PopUp using Topaz IDE and ISPW.

How to spin up a PopUp in Azure Cloud

This video shows you how quick and easy it is to get your very own PopUp Mainframe running in Azure cloud in minutes.

From the Azure Marketplace, you can create and configure your own PopUp VM.

How to Spin Up a PopUp

Learn how quick and easy it is to spin up and configure a PopUp Mainframe in only 2 hours.

How to make your PopUp look like your physical mainframe

Learn how you can copy applications (data and config) from your physical mainframe to your PopUp. Using the migration utility and our corral and de-corral scripts, this process is quick and easy.