PopUp Products

PopUp Mainframe is our flagship product. Read more about PopUp Mainframe here.

PopUp also offers other products to support and accelerate your mainframe modernisation journey:

  1. z/OS Masking Plugin for Delphix
  2. Delphix ZD&T Connector

z/OS Masking Plugin for Delphix

PopUp integrates fully with Delphix. Read more here.

PopUp’s z/OS Masking Plugin for Delphix is a stand-alone product comprised of two parts: Delphix Mainframe File Utility (DMFU), and Delphix IMS Mainframe Utility (DIMU).

It complements Delphix Continuous Compliance by enabling full data masking across all z/OS datasources, including VSAM, QSAM variable length files (DMFU), as well as IMS databases (DIMU).

PopUp’s z/OS Masking Plugin for Delphix provides a safe and reliable masking solution for all of your z/OS masking requirements. It also enables you to perform consistent masking, using the same algorithms across your whole organisation, leveraging Delphix’s cross domain masking capabilities.

See how the z/OS Masking Plugin for Delphix works

With the Delphix Masking Engine and the z/OS Masking Plugin, you can quickly and easily mask all your z/OS data sources.

Delphix ZD&T Connector

The Delphix ZD&T connector integrates IBM ZD&T instances with Delphix Continuous Data.

It provides the capability to simply and reliably leverage data virtualisation and masking capabilities on z/OS without using PopUp.

The connector is available as a standalone product from PopUp Mainframe.

It can be used if you are already using ZD&T in your organisation without PopUp, but you want to have the functionality which Delphix Continuous Data provides for ZD&T.