DevOps your Mainframe with PopUp & BMC

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Empower your mainframe teams with DevOps and modern tools with PopUp & BMC

Shift Left your Mainframe

PopUp enables you to spin up new z/OS environments on any x86 platform on-prem or in the cloud, with minimal setup effort.

Add BMC into the mix to:

Delight your dev teams and double productivity for all with a modern developer experience

Innovate faster with modern development tools and disposable environments

PopUp with automation cogs

Include mainframe in your cross-platform DevOps toolchains

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Test earlier using self-service mainframe instances

Use PopUp & BMC with Delphix for z/OS bookmarking, rewind and fast-forward

PopUp agile data movement

Gain agility without compromising on governance

PopUp & BMC comes with a host of BMC tools preinstalled and configured, so you can start using them immediately. Note: Some tools will require configuration against target code modules.

For more information on PopUp & BMC, see the documentation.

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What’s in PopUp & BMC?

PopUp & BMC comes with the following tools preinstalled and configured out of the box
  • BMC AMI DevX Workbench for Eclipse (formerly Topaz workbench) – mainframe application development, testing, and maintenance in a single, modern interface
  • BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline (formerly ISPW) – Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution
  • BMC AMI DevX Total Test (formerly Topaz Total Test) – automated test tool for COBOL and PL/I programs
  • BMC AMI DevX Code Debug (formerly Xpediter) – debug and analysis tool for COBOL, Assembler, PL/I, and C programs
  • BMC AMI DevX File-AID – Enables developers of any background to quickly and easily find, create, extract, transfer, convert, load, edit, protect, age, and maintain data
  • BMC AMI DevX Abend-AID – Demystifies application and production abends for application and systems programmers by automatically detecting, analyzing, and diagnosing problems across multiple environments
  • BMC AMI DevX Code Insights (formerly Program Analysis) – Empower modern developers with automated intelligence to quickly understand, update, and troubleshoot complex, monolithic mainframe systems and code
  • And more…

We can help you configure other BMC tools based on your requirements.

Learn more and watch PopUp & BMC in action in our video

This video shows a Jenkins pipeline, and development and testing being performed using BMC AMI DevX Workbench and BMC AMI DevX Total Test.

PopUp + BMC = mainframe DevOps

Find out more about how PopUp fast tracks your mainframe DevOps initiatives here.

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