The PopUp Vision

Why did we build PopUp?

Some people say mainframe will remain ‘legacy’ and it’s better to migrate away from it. We don’t subscribe to this view. We know that the mainframe is still the most highly performant and secure computer system available.

But, we noticed that most mainframe organisations have a cavernous deficit in terms of dev and test environments, which was blocking them from achieving true agility across all areas. This huge bottleneck prevents innovation and slows velocity of change. So, we developed PopUp to solve this pressing business problem.

Our Mission

At PopUp, our mission is to empower mainframe businesses to deliver changes faster, cheaper and better with on-demand environments for dev and test.

We see this as a necessary pre-requisite for organisations to move into this final ‘Automation frontier’ (where ALL teams, including mainframe, can embrace automation). It enables businesses to truly achieve their agility aspirations at all levels.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where businesses live and breathe modern ways of working and can deliver frictionless mainframe change at the speed of the business.


PopUp revolutionises your z/OS SDLC by

  • Removing test environment blockers to accelerate delivery
  • Cutting costs with commoditised x86 hardware
  • Using standard DevOps toolchains and pipelines to manage z/OS test environments
  • Spinning up z/OS test environments on-prem or in the cloud
  • Ensuring your PopUp in Dev and Test looks EXACTLY the same as your z/OS in production. (You can install any z/OS subsystem or bespoke application on PopUp.)


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