Platform Overview

Mainframe Modernisation Demands Mainframe Environments

Automate mainframe environment provisioning for fully Agile mainframe projects

Fully provisioned virtual mainframe environment which can run anywhere

  • Run real mainframe code and software directly on PopUp, integrate PopUp seamlessly with your IT estate
  • Modernise your organisation strategy with mainframe in the cloud and minimal maintenance overheads
  • Mainframe test environments run on x86 commodity hardware, saving hardware and storage costs

Provision mainframe environments with APIs and enable self-service

  • Use automation pipelines to provision and scale mainframe “Gold Copy” environments instantly
  • Mainframe environments created on-demand accelerate projects dependent on mainframe
  • Modernise your organisation strategy with agile mainframe projects

Data compliance & data masking

  •  Protect data privacy and with state-of-the-art data masking.
  • Fully data-compliant mainframe environments to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Dedicated mainframe environments

  • Create isolated environments for development, use with desktop IDE, testing, R&D, training & more!

Reduce energy usage and environmental impact

  • Turn off mainframe test environments when not needed, reducing energy usage and total cost of ownership
  • Create slim mainframe environment ‘slices’ to suit your needs with a lower energy and resource footprint

How it works

PopUp Mainframe delivers Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution with IBM’s zD&T mainframe emulator pre-installed, preconfigured and ready for work on any enterprise hardware you choose.

PopUp Mainframe runs real mainframe code, so it looks and behaves exactly like a real mainframe, and supports ANY mainframe software.


How quickly can you setup a PopUp?

Popup can be installed and run instantly like an App on desktop, server (in VMs and Containers) and the Cloud.

What does PopUp cover?

+ any 3rd Party Software. It is a fully provisioned mainframe.

What can I do on PopUp?

Anything that you might already do on a mainframe – testing and development, R&D, third party software evaluation, training for testers and developers.

How many instances of PopUp can I have?

As many as you need. You can have one or multiple Linux servers running zD&T and you can save zD&T’s config, system and application data at any point in the zD&T’s life and restore it at will.