Breaking news: PopUp Mainframe, the virtual, on-demand mainframe, today announced the general availability of their latest release: ‘Warp Speed PopUp’.


After much innovation, development and rigorous testing, we are proud to unveil the release of our new and improved ‘Warp Speed PopUp’ which has been massively optimised for fast installation and start up.


Our latest version of PopUp (version 2.4Ua) now boasts an installation and start up time of just 10 minutes. This represents an approximate 10-fold improvement on the previous version, which, whist no slouch, took between 45 and 90 minutes for installation and start up. Data compression has also been built-in at the storage level, resulting in a monumentally compact footprint for the Warp Speed PopUp which is now 5x smaller than any previous version of PopUp Mainframe.

The Warp Speed PopUp introduces innovations which enable businesses to further accelerate their mainframe modernisation projects. Lightning fast deployment of PopUp Mainframe instances improves the self-service user experience, greatly shortens the feedback loop and maximises environment availability for dev and test teams.

With BMC AMI DevX tools preinstalled and configured on the PopUp, and in conjunction with Delphix, users can achieve complete mainframe DevOps with the ability to snapshot, rewind and fast forward their mainframe to any point in time.


Get ready to revolutionize your mainframe software development and testing experience with Warp Speed PopUp – the future of on-demand mainframes is here!


Photo of Stuart Feasey“Being able to install and start up a PopUp in less than ten minutes is massive for customers. A team can go from having no extra z/OS capacity to have individual mainframe instances for each team member – in under 10 minutes! This is game-changing for mainframe dev and test teams.”


 – Stuart Feasey, PopUp Presales Engineer


For full details on the latest PopUp version, see the PopUp documentation site.



About PopUp


PopUp Mainframe is a cutting-edge mainframe virtualisation product. PopUp provides IBM ZD&T software along with PopUp IP, which has been installed, configured and setup, and is ready to use out of the box. It enables customers to create mainframe environments on-demand and deploy them anywhere, including in the cloud.


Mainframe businesses often cite dev and test environment bottlenecks as the number one blocker to mainframe modernisation. PopUp directly addresses this, providing fully functioning mainframes via self-service, available on-demand. PopUp brings innovation to mainframe teams, providing features not available with a physical mainframe, for example the ability to take a full baseline of a mainframe environment, and replicate that using APIs. PopUp, in combination with Delphix, makes it possible to have a 4D mainframe: users can take a snapshot of a mainframe environment, then rewind or fast forward to a point in time. For an instant DevOps mainframe, BMC AMI DevX tools come shipped with a PopUp – preinstalled and configured, ready to go.


With PopUp, mainframe businesses attract a new generation of mainframe engineers who can use cutting-edge mainframe tooling with PopUp, for example desktop IDEs. PopUp simultaneously appeals to traditional mainframe engineers who prefer green screen and now have the autonomy to spin up their own mainframe environments on-demand. PopUp runs ANY mainframe subsystem or bespoke application.


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