We are proud to be listed as finalists in the Technology Product Awards 2022 in the category:
Technology Innovator of the Year


This award recognises high levels of innovation in the last 12 months, rewarding the organisation that has contributed to the development and deployment of innovative IT systems that improve operations or enhance services.


It all depends on the public vote. Voting is now open, please vote for us today! (Deadline 21st October 2022)

Why do we deserve this award?

PopUp Mainframe is a cutting-edge mainframe modernisation product.

PopUp enables customers to create mainframe environments on-demand and deploy them anywhere, including in the cloud.

Mainframe businesses often cite dev and test environment bottlenecks as the number one blocker to mainframe modernisation. PopUp directly addresses this, providing fully functioning mainframes with self-service, on-demand.

PopUp brings innovation to mainframe teams, providing features not available with a physical mainframe, for example the ability to take a full baseline of a mainframe  environment, and replicate that using APIs. PopUp, in combination with Delphix, makes it possible to have a 4D mainframe: users can take a snapshot of a mainframe environment, then rewind or fast forward to a point in time. PopUp is fully compatible with automation pipelines.

With PopUp, mainframe businesses will attract a new generation of mainframe engineers who can use cutting-edge mainframe tooling with PopUp, for example desktop IDEs. PopUp simultaneously appeals to traditional mainframe engineers who prefer green screen and now have the autonomy to spin up their own mainframe environments on-demand.

PopUp is unique in the market as it emulates physical mainframe hardware, and arrives fully configured and ready to use. PopUp runs ANY mainframe subsystem or bespoke application.

PopUp customers have been able to deploy a new mainframe environment with PopUp in one day, where previously this process took months.

PopUp’s innovative mainframe solution is a game changer for mainframe businesses as it provides all the capabilities needed for full mainframe modernisation!



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