[London, UK, 23rd March 2023] PopUp Mainframe today announced general availability of PopUp Mainframe 2.0, providing virtual environments running ZD&T 14.0.0 and IBM’s latest z/OS operating system, IBM z/OS V2.5.


With z/OS 2.5, supporting z16 architecture, this release introduces innovations such as new high performance AI capabilities, resiliency solutions, enhanced security, and more.


IBM z/OS 2.5 offers cutting-edge capabilities to make businesses future-ready including the ability to:

  • Embed AI in real-time into every business transaction, a key competitive differentiator.
  • Embrace quantum-resistant cryptography and utilise cryptographic testing capabilities.
  • Stay at the forefront of security and resilience with enhancements across authentication, authorization, logging, system integrity, system and data availability, and overall data privacy.
  • Adopt enterprise application modernisation with Java/COBOL interoperability, ease of use for z/OS container extensions and Linux integration, and cloud storage integration capabilities.


PopUp Mainframe 2.0 provides a quick, low cost way to test business applications on z/OS 2.5, with zero risk to the physical mainframe.


PopUp environments run on x86 hardware and are completely isolated from the physical mainframe. They can be spawned and retired in minutes, allowing teams to create an environment, perform their testing, then destroy the environment with no long term maintenance requirements.


In addition to the leading IBM z/OS 2.5 features within ZD&T, PopUp 2.0 provides added extras out of the box, including:

  • Enterprise applications
  • Utilities
  • Automation tools
  • Best practice baked in
  • ZD&T optimisations


“This release is very exciting for PopUp and our customers, as it ensures that businesses can take advantage of testing the latest version of Z-Series without disrupting any of their existing test environments and avoid any installation work. With PopUp, customers can quickly and easily test their existing application systems on z/OS 2.5 and try out new features, with zero risk to their physical mainframe.”

– Gary Thornhill, CEO, PopUp Mainframe


About PopUp Mainframe


PopUp Mainframe is a cutting-edge mainframe virtualisation product. PopUp provides IBM ZD&T software along with PopUp IP, which has been installed, configured and setup, and is ready to use out of the box. It enables customers to create mainframe environments on-demand and deploy them anywhere, including in the cloud.


Mainframe businesses often cite dev and test environment bottlenecks as the number one blocker to mainframe modernisation. PopUp directly addresses this, providing fully functioning mainframes via self-service, available on-demand. PopUp brings innovation to mainframe teams, providing features not available with a physical mainframe, for example the ability to take a full baseline of a mainframe  environment, and replicate that using APIs. PopUp, in combination with Delphix, makes it possible to have a 4D mainframe: users can take a snapshot of a mainframe environment, then rewind or fast forward to a point in time. PopUp is fully compatible with automation pipelines.


With PopUp, mainframe businesses attract a new generation of mainframe engineers who can use cutting-edge mainframe tooling with PopUp, for example desktop IDEs. PopUp simultaneously appeals to traditional mainframe engineers who prefer green screen and now have the autonomy to spin up their own mainframe environments on-demand.


PopUp runs ANY mainframe subsystem or bespoke application.