PopUp Mainframe, the mainframe-on-demand solution, today announced that PopUp Mainframe is available as a fully packaged cloud offering on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With the Azure cloud service, Azure customers can now leverage PopUp Mainframe’s mainframe modernisation capabilities to spin up new mainframe environment in minutes.

“Being able to spin up a fully functioning mainframe environment in minutes is a complete game changer for business.

PopUp is designed to mirror an organisation’s physical mainframe environment and supports any and every mainframe application as-is. PopUp accelerates organisations’ ability to make change by providing the ability to spin up and tear down mainframe environments with self-service.”

– Gary Thornhilll, Founder PopUp Mainframe.

Mainframe in the Cloud: At your Fingertips

From Azure MarketPlace, you can have your own PopUp Mainframe running in the cloud in minutes.

The PopUp virtual machine has been built, configured and performance tested to run optimally in Azure cloud. It gives the excellent performance and reliability you expect from Azure infrastructure.

PopUp is leading the way in cutting edge mainframe modernisation practices. PopUp’s latest Azure offering takes you one step closer to creating mainframe environments on demand and accelerating your projects.

Integrate Mainframe-on-Demand with your DevOps Pipelines

PopUp Mainframe is an API First platform, and integrates fully with all DevOps tooling.

It is easy to make PopUp look exactly the same as your physical mainframe environments, as you can install any mainframe subsystem or bespoke application on your PopUp.

PopUp revolutionises your mainframe SDLC, accelerating delivery and cutting hardware costs. PopUp makes delivering projects on mainframe identical to delivering projects on distributed environments.

About PopUp

PopUp Mainframe is a brand new, cutting-edge mainframe modernisation product. With PopUp, customers can create mainframe environments on-demand and deploy them anywhere, including in the cloud.

All mainframe clients have a common problem: The shortage of non-prod environments for development and test. PopUp directly addresses this, providing fully functioning mainframes out of the box, instantly.

PopUp Mainframe can transform an organisation’s IT strategy, as it removes the bottlenecks surrounding mainframe environments and finally allows mainframe projects to be fully agile!

Start your mainframe cloud journey today with PopUp on Azure.