21st March 2022

The DevOps, Integration and digital transformation specialist, Sandhata Technologies, has launched its new product company, PopUp Mainframe.

PopUp Mainframe is a cutting-edge solution which finally removes the bottleneck of mainframe test environments by enabling clients to create mainframe environments on-demand, either on-prem or in the cloud.

Sandhata Technologies has taken the decision to separate its new product offering, PopUp Mainframe, from Sandhata’s services offering to ensure that PopUp’s software engineering team can focus fully on responding to client needs with the PopUp product roadmap. Sandhata Technologies will continue to offer its award winning consultancy services, specialising in innovative and enterprise-wide DevOps-centric service propositions.

About PopUp

All mainframe clients have a common problem: The shortage of non-prod environments for development and test. PopUp directly addresses this with instantly available, fully functioning mainframes. (Watch our video to see how you can spin up a PopUp in 2 hours.) It is easy to make PopUp look exactly the same as your physical mainframe environments, as you can install any mainframe subsystem or bespoke application on your PopUp.

PopUp revolutionises your mainframe SDLC, accelerating delivery and cutting hardware costs. PopUp makes delivering projects on mainframe identical to delivering projects on distributed environments, as PopUp is fully compatible with standard DevOps toolchains and can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud. PopUp addresses the number one mainframe modernisation need: bottlenecks around environments.


PopUp and Delphix: A Powerful Combination

Delphix automated DevOps data platform enables virtualisation, automation and masking of all types of mainframe data (including DB2, VSAM and other flat files) as well as distributed data.  PopUp in combination with Delphix enables:

  • creation of fully data compliant mainframe environments
  • Snapshot, rewind and fast forward mainframe environments
  • Data footprint reduced by 10x


The impact of the COVID pandemic has required organisations to drastically find way to save time and money to survive. PopUp Mainframe is one way to do that while simultaneously enabling your organisation with agile and cloud mainframe capabilities to take project performance to new heights.


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