We are looking forward to presenting a session at the upcoming GSE UK Virtual conference 2023.

The PopUp session is

“From zero to Mainframe CI/CD in a day”

at 12pm UK time, Thursday 9th Feb.


You can build CICD pipelines for your mainframe systems from a standing start in just ONE day!

Join the session for a demo and detailed discussion on getting automation pipelines in your mainframe environment.

You will see:

  • Create turnkey mainframe environments in the cloud with pre-configured DevOps tooling running on ephemeral mainframe instances
  • Case study – verifying whether deployment of z/OS connect will really reduce mainframe transaction speeds prior to formal adoption and production rollout
  • Demo



About GSE UK

GSE UK is a leading mainframe conference offering a wide range of sessions on all mainframe topics. It provides over 200 hours of technical training from IBM, other vendors and from GSE members themselves.


The theme of this GSE UK Conference is: Mainframes are MAD – Modern, Adaptable, Diverse


M is for Modern

Today’s mainframe is a thoroughly modern platform, ‘the core of trusted digital experiences’. Fast, secure and resilient, it’s the heart of so many organisations. The system of record, the mighty transactional engine, providing real-time analytics for personalized digital experiences.

A is for Adaptable

The modern mainframe is also an extremely flexible and versatile platform – from System/360 to z15 it has moved with the times and reinvented itself decade after decade. It’s a trusted hub for the latest digital transformations and so often the lynchpin of today’s cloud strategies.

D is for Diverse

From banking, insurance and financial markets to healthcare, retail, travel and utilities, the modern mainframe is put to work in a multitude of ways. From supporting the surge in online retail and transactions during the pandemic to supporting patient care and life-saving research.