We are very proud to announce that PopUp Mainframe has been listed as a finalist in 2 categories at the DevOps Dozen Awards 2023!


This recognition is particularly special to us as we are a very small, very young company, competing against some established players in the mainframe space.


We are finalists in the categories

  • Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution
  • Best New DevOps Tools/Service Provider


The winner of this award is partly determined by public vote. Please vote for us today if you can. Use (Ctrl + f) to find where PopUp appears in the form. Don’t forget to vote in both categories!


At PopUp, mainframe modernisation is at the heart of everything we do


Our mission is to empower mainframe businesses to deliver changes faster, cheaper and better with on-demand environments for dev and test. We see this as a necessary pre-requisite for organisations to move into this final ‘Automation & DevOps frontier’ (where ALL teams, including mainframe, can embrace automation and DevOps practices), and truly achieve their agility aspirations at all levels.


Text: Best New DevOps Tools/Service ProviderPopUp enables customers to take mainframe on their DevOps journey by creating fully functioning z/OS instances on-demand, on-prem or in the cloud, and controlling them through pipelines. This overcomes dev and test mainframe unavailability – the number one blocker to mainframe DevOps.


PopUp liberates mainframe teams, enabling automation, DevOps innovation and continuous improvement with no risk to the physical mainframe.


We know that adopting DevOps on the mainframe is particularly hard. This is largely due to lack of dev/test environments, culture and ways of working, inability to innovate, and inflexible governance processes. We built PopUp to help overcome these challenges.


PopUp helps fast track DevOps initiatives in the following ways

Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution

  • Aiding the implementation of automation and pipelines (e.g. with BMC tooling pre-installed on a PopUp)
  • Continuously improving ways of working and increasing collaboration
  • Helping to create real, lasting cultural change
  • Increasing productivity by reducing wait times
  • Modern tools boost the productivity of all team members
  • A catalyst for mainframe innovation and fast feedback
  • Ready-made cloud z/OS environments (e.g. Azure)
  • PopUp & Git integration is a cinch
  • Accelerating your DevOps journey with new talent


PopUp also provides additional features to boost your DevOps journey which are not available on the physical mainframe. For example, PopUp can be replicated to create multiple z/OS clones including applications and data, and mainframe instances can be deployed and torn down using APIs or pipelines. In conjunction with Delphix, mainframe instances can be bookmarked at any stage, then they can be rewound or fast forwarded to the snapshot using a self-service portal.


Curious to know more about DevOps for the mainframe, how ephemeral mainframe instances can accelerate your projects, or automating your mainframe processes?