Are you wondering how to expose your z/OS applications and data to the cloud, mobile, or the web?

Then z/OS Connect and Popup Mainframe might be the answer you are looking for.

PopUp Mainframe ships with IBM z/OS Connect out of the box, which enables you to create OpenAPI-compliant, consumable APIs in no time. You can develop and test the APIs on your PopUp with zero impact on your physical mainframe or Business-as-Usual applications.

IBM z/OS Connect can help with…

1. Integration with Modern Applications

Business Value: Allows organizations to integrate their mainframe applications with modern cloud and mobile applications.

Why It Matters: This integration enables a seamless user experience across various platforms, supporting digital transformation efforts and meeting the expectations of modern users.


2. API-Driven Development

Business Value: Enables organizations to adopt an API-driven development approach for mainframe services.

Why It Matters: APIs provide a standardized and flexible way to expose and consume services, fostering agility, collaboration, and innovation in application development.


3. Access to Mainframe Assets

Business Value: Extends the reach of mainframe assets and data to a broader range of applications and users.

Why It Matters: Organizations can leverage their existing mainframe investments, data, and business logic to support new business initiatives, rather than undergoing costly and time-consuming migrations.


4. Enhanced Developer Productivity

Business Value: Provides developer-friendly tools and resources for creating, testing, and deploying APIs.

Why It Matters: Improves developer productivity and accelerates the development cycle, reducing time-to-market for new applications and features.


5. Security and Compliance

Business Value: Ensures secure communication and integrates with mainframe security features.

Why It Matters: Maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data, meeting regulatory compliance requirements and instilling confidence in customers and stakeholders.


6. Cost Efficiency

Business Value: Allows organizations to modernise existing applications without the need for a complete overhaul.

Why It Matters: Minimizes the cost and risk associated with migrating away from mainframe systems, while still enabling the use of mainframe assets in modern ways.


7. Operational Efficiency

Business Value: Streamlines the process of exposing and consuming mainframe services through RESTful APIs.

Why It Matters: Improves operational efficiency by simplifying integration tasks, reducing manual effort, and promoting consistency in the development process.


8. Analytics and Monitoring

Business Value: Provides insights into API usage and performance through monitoring and analytics features.

Why It Matters: Enables organizations to optimize resource allocation, identify bottlenecks, and ensure that APIs are meeting performance expectations.


9. Support for Digital Initiatives

Business Value: Facilitates the incorporation of mainframe assets into broader digital initiatives.

Why It Matters: Supports the organization’s ability to innovate, respond to market changes, and stay competitive in the digital landscape.


IBM z/OS Connect delivers business value by promoting integration, modernisation, efficiency, and security in the context of mainframe systems. It allows organizations to leverage their existing investments while embracing the opportunities presented by modern tools and development practices.


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